Drs. Leo and Mary Tago

Haley’s House is headed by Drs. Leo and Mary Tago, a husband and wife team and a dentist and medical doctor respectively. In 1999, God called on Leo and Mary’s hearts to help orphans and they became missionaries the next year here in their home country of Cambodia.

From the beginning, several children in need came and stayed with the Tago family while they worked out their plan. For three years, the Tagos and the children prayed for a bigger place and finally Haley’s House was presented as the answer. The Tagos were assigned leadership of the facility in 2009.

Dr. Augustus Dumaligan

Dr. Dumaligan is a dentist and evangelist. He has been a missionary since 1970 when he began working in the refugee camps along the border of Thailand and Cambodia. His wife Lorenza is a teacher by profession and they have three children. The Dumaligans have ministered in the Philippines and Bangladesh as well as Cambodia where they assist the Tagos at Haley’s House. Mrs. Dumaligan serves the facility and the children as an English teacher.

Dr. Jack Baskin

Dr. Baskin serves as an Advisor to Haley’s House and the Tagos. Dr. Baskin is the former Senior Pastor of Haley Pharr’s home church, Western Hills Baptist Church in Kennesaw, Georgia. He has traveled and ministered extensively throughout Cambodia.